Sunday, June 8, 2008

Parkinson's and Drugs, Pesticides

Sharing some little known facts about things that contribute to the development of Parkinson's Disease.

The herbicides most documented to cause Parkinson's Disease are the phenothiazines which are dopamine agonists. This is well documented in the 'British National Formulary' medical reference book, as these chemicals are also sold as antidepressant drugs. The organochlorine and OP pesticides can also no doubt have similar effects but it is the phenothiazines which are best documented to cause Parkinson's. Perhaps it is the fact that they are also sold as medical drugs is the reason no one wants to admit this. 'Oxford Textbook on Adverse Drug Reactions' lists 15 commonly prescribed drugs which are documented to cause Parkinson's, mostly the phenothiazines but also some anti-sickness drugs.

This has been known for decades but no one wants to publish the truth. It is also documented that if Parkinson's symptoms are manifest with the drugs/pesticides that if the exposure is stopped the disease often resolves. Exposure to ultra violet light and chemicals can make the Parkinson's symptoms irreversible.

Ref. 'Oxford University Design of Enzyme Inhibitors as Drugs' 1989.
See also articles in 'The Pharmaceutical Journal of the UK' in 1996 on drugs.

From Edward Priestley.

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