Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Blue Cross Basics

As the insurance mega-corps get more control over you policies you too may see more of this:

Blue Cross Wants Your Doctor To Help Them Cancel Your Health Insurance

It certainly isn't a new tactic, and it plays in to the move from government funded programs to private insurance. It is not just another Bush favor to his cronies, it is showing up in McCain and Obama plans too.

We don't hear too much about Members of Congress accepting the same type of health insurance as they want all of us to have.

If you still believe doctors are the major cause of increased health care costs and higher insurance rates, I have a bridge I can sell you cheaply.

Look no farther than Big Insurance, and don't for a minute think they'll do you any favors. Insurers like to collect money, they don't like to give it out, even if you policy dictates they do.

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