Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Gallbladder dis-ease

Related to the vitamin C and magnesium posts and comments recently, gall bladder health is an issue I help people with often.

My goal, through educating people, is to help them understand that they can avoid the surgery. In the long run, keeping your gall bladder is a better option. The outdated "it's a vestigial organ, you don't need to keep it" theory is worn out and not in keeping with current research.

A related issue is that once the gall bladder is removed, bile flows constantly into your small intestine. Without high quality enzyme supplementation and dietary changes, the risk of back flow and liver congestion are quite real.

Too much fat is a concern, wrong fat is a concern (like margarine and canola or soy oils) fast food, and lack of fiber, magnesium, calcium/phosphorus metabolism, and lack of other key nutritional factors.

This is similar to the faulty theory driving the use of acid blocking pharmaceuticals.

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What's The Main Risk Factor Of Gallstone Disease?

ScienceDaily (2008-09-23) -- Gallstone disease is very common and costly. Preventive strategies are based on the knowledge of GD risk factors. This study reports the results of a multicenter project aimed at evaluating GD incidence and risk factors. 9611 subjects (5477 males, 4134 females, aged: 30-79 years) were evaluated; 4.4 percent had gallstones, 0.6 percent had been cholecystectomized; incidence rate was 0.67 percent per year. Increasing age and body mass index were identified as true risk factors for GD. ... > read full article

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