Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Propaganda TV

I sometimes am a film critic for a small town newspaper that I write for twice a month.

Last night I decided I had to be a TV critic after watching "Doctors", a new show produced by Dr. Phil and his son, Jay.

I wanted to watch it because I knew one topic would be Gardasil vaccine. I was pleased they included Barbara Loe Fisher from NVIC and a young woman who had vaccine injury and her mother.

I wasn't pleased with the general focus of the discussion from doctor's I personally would find difficult to trust. Their message was the standard government line, get the shots.

The one blond doctor was rather condescending in his comment about the reactions being nothing more than from stress of getting a shot, i.e., a panic attack. So let's blame the patient and not the drug, because after all the government is correct in all these matters.

What this kind of message sends is ineptness and disregard for the lives of people.

And yes, young women are dying from Gardasil. And no, we should not accept that drugs can cause harm and this is okay, and we can let it pass.

Another discussion on this same program was about acne and a type of treatment that vacuums the pores to remove sebum and improve the look of the skin.

Some fairly toxic topical treatments follow, such as benzoyl peroxide. The patient is told there is nothing that can correct the condition, so they will incur additional costs for periodic skin vacuuming treatments.

Acne can be devastating to someone who has it, so can benzoyl peroxide.

What can be of help is adding zinc to your supplement regimen, and applying pure organic essential oil to the acne lesions or rosacea. Washing the skin with fragrance free, liquid pure castile soap is what we suggest over any anti-bacterial or commercial products.

In addition, especially for women, using chaste tree berry aids in correcting hormone imbalance, and clearing the skin.

Since this condition is often exacerbated by use of birth control pills, read our information about the nutritional deficiencies from this drug.

And skip the show or do more research and get a second, third or fourth opinion after you hear what this team has to say, if you can stand watching the show for more than 5 minutes.

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