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Listen UP: An important discussion to be aired Sunday

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NAMAPAHH ~ First People's Radio
Host/Producer: Robin Carneen
Co-host: Connie Allen
KSVR 91.7
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Sunday ~ Sept. 14, 2008 4pm to 5pm (PST)
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9-14-08: A rebroadcast: Peltier FOIA hearing w/ Attny Michael Kuzma

Honored Guests: Native American Political Prisoner Leonard Peltier's Attny Michael Kuzma

Topic: FOIA Hearing
"Leonard Peltier's unjust incarceration remains a festering sore that impedes better race relations in America. Surely the time has come to promote healing and a spirit of trust and genuine goodwill toward the Indian peoples of America with an act that serves both compassion and justice."
~~ the late Coretta Scott King

Special Guest: Michael Kuzma Esq., Arguing attorney for Leonard Peltier; Sr. Legislative Assistant to City Council President, Buffalo, New York....

On 5-1-08 from 7-8:00PM PST.Michael Kuzma, Esq. fresh out of a "FOIA Hearing" on Leonard Peltier's behalf called in on NAMAPAHH First People's Radio. Kuzma spoke about the The Freedom of Information Act and how it could benefit Native American Political prisoner Leonard Peltier, who still waits for his Freedom....

Mr.Kuzma introduced those unfamiliar with Native American Political Prisoner Leonard Peltier's case. Back in the late 1970's Peltier, who was a member of the American Indian Movement at the time, was charged with murder & convicted with the deaths of two FBI special agents, Jack Coler & Ronald Williams. These two agents died due to gunshot wounds on June 26, 1975 during a major shoot-out on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota.

Mr. Kuzma also updated those of us who have long followed Peltier's case, many who even filled the streets with the chant "What do we want... 'Justice'...when do we want it... 'Now'... 'Free Leonard Peltier....."

Considering the time period in some people's minds, this could be considered just another Indian War, but modern day...many people died on Pine Ridge back then and sad to say many people are still dying on Pine Ridge. How many Native American people died at the hands and neglect by the US Government, for generations?

Isn't this supposed to be a Democracy that has been mandated by treaties to take care of tribal people? Isn't this the same US Govt. that has sent countless men & women off to the Middle East in the name of Democracy?

What is wrong with this picture? What happened to a fair trial? Why is Leonard still serving two life sentences? Why won't the FBI agency free these crucial records, claiming to withhold it in the name of "National Security"? What will the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 8th Circuit decide after this hearing that happened last week? If Leonard's constitutional rights can be violated, what about yours/mine/future generations to come?

This is an election year, as we are all too well aware of- It's time for Justice, Leonard deserves a fair trial, like every person who lives in America.

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Our birthday wish for Leonard Peltier has been added to the online card:

Thank you: Michael Kuzma, Els Herten & Vivienne Westwood, IPF coordinators & of course all the Peltier Supporters far & wide~

Our Birthday wish for Peltier:"Don't lose hope….As you stare at the bars…There is a new time coming…Your freedom isn't far

Happy Birthday Leonard Peltier! We have you on NAMAPAHH First People's Radio often!! Including THIS Sunday 8-14-08 4-5PM PST!

Blue Smoke & Blessings!!!!!!!!! ~Robin, Connie & boys!"

NAMAPAHH First People's Radio is hosted and produced by Robin Carneen, co-hosted by Connie Allen, both enrolled members of the Swinomish Indian Tribal Community, in La Conner, WA. Broadcasting Native American news, views & music show on KSVR 91.7 FM for close to four years, now available Nationally (interested stations contact KSVR).NAMAPAHH stands for: Native American Multi-media; Activism; Performance/poetry; Art;Health/Humor/History.
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