Friday, September 5, 2008

More about happy feet

Earlier this year I posted something about caring for your feet. This subject always is of interest to me because I know how much better my feet feel, and how I feel, when I massage my feet while applying my favorite organic peppermint foot cream.

A new article tells you much the same, so I am posting it here so it might help all those people at work on their feet.

Revitalize Aging Feet
The Importance of Proactive Foot Care
By Gary Goldfaden, MD

Our feet support tremendous daily pressure and weight, making them susceptible to injury, fatigue, microorganisms, and infections that can spread throughout the body. Unfortunately, few of us provide proper preventive care for our hardworking feet. In order to maintain healthy feet one must focus on a variety of goals that include muscle and pain relief, protection against bacterial and fungal infections as well as optimal hydration.

As we get older, the feet tend to lose their protective fat, which, together with free-radical damage from photoaging, can cause the once soft and smooth skin to become wrinkled, leathery, and to lose its natural elasticity. These factors not only deteriorate the appearance of the feet—they can erode our overall health and vitality.

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And if you are one of those people who works all day, or night, on your feet, you might enjoy our Happy Feet herbal foot bath and our amazing organic peppermint foot cream.

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